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Ball of the Month: Double Chocolate Banana Chunk


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Happy July (HOW IS IT JULY?!)

Double Chocolate Banana Chunk is our newest obsession. It is extra fudge-y, banana-y and has all the crunchy bits of cacao nibs + Hu chocolate chunks; it is honestly just so much YUM confined in every bite! This one is super similar to our Rocky Road that you all love so much so imagine that but with a banana twist! 
Now bear with us… the photo above looks like the bliss balls have regular chocolate chips because those are in fact regular chocolate chips. We made a last minute decision to use Hu and this photo was taken before that but rest assured, the only chocolate “chips” in these are Hu's “gems."

Shipping Notice:

Because we made a last minute decision to use Hu Chocolate Gems, we need to wait for those to arrive. Please note this when placing your orders because these boxes will not begin shipping until July 12th or 13th. (We think it will be well worth the wait!) Anything you place in your cart along with this item will also be delayed until the 12th or 13th and PLEASE also note that these will START shipping on those dates; they will not arrive to you by those dates.

*We have been using new, eco-friendly, insulated boxes, so you may find that the shipping fee is a little higher because the box is bigger (we never charge you more than the actual live shipping rates). We always recommend adding more goodies to your order to save on shipping costs as our goodies can be stored in your freezer for 3 months. If you order more than one box, it will arrive in these boxes.



Each Box Contains:

  • 12 bliss balls

Ingredients: Almond Butter*, Medjool Dates*, Cocoa Powder*, Maple Syrup*, Cacao Nibs*, Hu Chocolate Gems*, Freeze-Dried Bananas*, Vanilla Extract*, Banana Extract, Sea Salt. (*Indicates Organic Ingredients)


All our desserts are produced on equipment that processes nuts, peanuts, coconut, and gluten-free oats. This item may have traces of almonds.