Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls


Loaded with nuts, seeds, fruits, and fats, we take pride in making sure our balls taste as good as they look. Pun intended.

  • Raw, Organic, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, No soy, No refined sugar
  • Must be ordered 72 hours prior to delivery/pick up
  • For best quality we remind you to please refrigerate immediately upon receipt
  • 12 pack (one flavor) $23, 24 pack (two flavors) $46
  • Flavors: blueberry, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla mesquite, lemon poppyseed, glazed “donut hole”, almond peanut butter, fig & pistachio, chocolate chip
  • Contact us to place catering orders


Blueberry: cashews*, gluten free oats*, blueberries*, dates*, vanilla*, lemon*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

Raspberry: sunflower seeds*, dessicated coconut*, beetroot*, raspberries*, coconut oil*, dates*, vanilla*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

Chocolate: dates*, almonds*, raw cacao*, coconut*, maple*, dates*, raw protein powder*, vanilla*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

Vanilla Mesquite: cashews*, dessicated coconut*, maple*, coconut sugar*, coconut butter*, mesquite powder*, vanilla*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

Lemon Poppy Seed: cashews*, almonds*, dessicated coconut*, dates*, vanilla*, lemon*, poppyseeds*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

Glazed Vanilla: cashews*, coconut oil*, coconut butter*, dessicated coconut*, dates*, maple*, vanilla*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

Almond Peanut Butter: buckwheat groats*, almonds*, dates*, coconut butter*, vanilla*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

Fig & Pistachio: almonds*, pecans*, dates*, dried figs*, pistachios*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

Chocolate Chip: cashews*, coconut flour*, almonds*, maple*, raw almond milk*, vanilla*, vegan chocolate chips*, sea salt. (* indicates organic).

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